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We currently offer English Beginner/Lower Intermediate classes every Monday and Friday at 09:30. If you would like to make a reservation, or find out more please send us an email info@izmiryoga.com or call us (+90) 232 421 11 65.

We also offer private tuition in English from a selection of teachers with a variety of disciplines.

Upcoming events in English

Upcoming events in English

Izmir Yoga Events

Shanta Vira Yoga Workshops with Michael J. Stewart
►Asana - Pranayama - Bandha - Kirtan
Foundation | 25 May, Friday |19:00-21:30
In this special offering Michael j Stewart the founder of Shanta Vira Yoga will present the opening sequences of the Sadhana. As with all sequence based asana practices there is a “Surya namaskar” to open the sequence. In Shanta Vira Yoga this is the preparatory sequence. The Opening will be a dynamic practice including alignment based Asana, Kapalabhatti kriya, Pranayama, Mantra and Bandas. These are the essential elements that are intricately woven together in preparation for a deepening of ones understanding of this timely sadhana. The intention of this sadhana is to prepare you for all that awaits. This workshop is open to all level of practitioners and those curious about Shanta Vira Yoga.
Dharma & Shri | 26 May , Saturday | 10:00-12:30
•This offering by Michael j. Stewart the founder of Shanta Vira Yoga is dedicated to the efficacy of movement. Dharma as a concept can define many different themes. In this context it is used to refer to stability and as a place from which to expand. Shri also can be used in many ways to communicate a variety of themes, whereas here we mean the myriad of possibilities extending from Dharma. Once we are knowledgeable about the potential of movement and its function, then we can create spaciousness and freedom withing the body.

•This class will include Bio Mechanics of Asana, Anatomy, and Functional Movement as the tools for safe and effective explorations through the physical and energetic bodies. In this exploratory workshop you will also be give precise instructions on how to identify and utilize the Bandas. The bandas enable your deeper understanding of stability, thereby creating more possibilities of effective safe structural movements. This workshop is open to all level practitioners.

► Fee | 1 workshop : 175 tl / 2 workshops:300 tl

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